Art Fibre Design NZ

Creating unique OOAK (one of a kind) pieces, such as:

  • Designer Merino coats and vests
  • Eco-printed silk and merino scarves
  • Unique Wall Art
  • Luxury sofa throws and
  • Luxury bed throws
  • Designer merino wool cushions
  • Felted wall panels (will soften the acoustics of any large conference room)

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You can buy our work online at our online store or other well known online art and clothing stores listed below.

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100% eco merino wool

All our products are made from 100% eco Merino wool and other fabulous New Zealand fleeces and fibres

Commissioned Pieces

For a point of difference, why not incorporate a specially commissioned piece for your interior.

Home Decor

Add another dimension and give individuality to your home.
Art Fibre Designs NZ's sophisticated felt products add a layer of warmth and texture when used in conjunction with today's modern architecture. Wool and fibre, with natures eco colours, are the perfect companion to the rich materials, such as schist stone, steel and timber, while at the same time providing another dimension to home and office interiors.

Corporate Art Installations

Imagine a fibre art installation suspended in the air from the ceiling of a public building, or felted wall art on a stone backdrop, a designer felt art behind the reception of a hotel or softening the walls and sound in conference rooms.

Felted Designs

We have found people react positively to the raw character of our felt, either the delicate soft look of the 'Romantic' collection or the appeal of the rough and rugged nature of the 'Wild' collection.
Our felted designs can be made in any size required.

Interior Design

Art Fibre Designs NZ can work with you to deliver the best-assembled system for your projects.
If you are an Interior Designer wanting to pass on these products to your clients I am happy to work to you and your client's ideas.

See our Fine Art Studio for a full Bio of work as well as paintings available for purchase.


About Me.......

I grew up in a small town on the West Coast of New Zealand, and despite the lack of direct involvement with art, I was taken with the romantic idea of being “an artist”. I really didn’t know what being an artist involved, beyond the activity, but I knew I felt engaged when painting or sewing or doing any activity which incorporated making something.

I like to refer to myself as an artist who is not limited to a specific medium. I get hooked on the process and try to create a dialogue with materials which include fibre, wool, textiles, paper, printing acrylic paint and collaging.

Each medium and processes have unique qualities for the development of ideas. As I incorporate the marks, shapes, textures and layers, the work develops and evolves into a cohesive piece. These pieces have become the foundation of my work. The elements come together in a variety of techniques which enables me to express my ideas and concerns.

Over the years I have garnered quite a few recognitions. Many of my textile art pieces have been shown at prestigious venues throughout the USA and Europe through the well known SAQA of America.

I was very proud to be invited to exhibit at the Florence Biennale in 2007.


Eco-printing and nature play a big part of my year. My year is broken into seasons. For 6 months over spring and summer, I dedicate myself to eco-printing, a labour intensive practice, incorporating the heat treated methods of steaming of eucalyptus and other leaves onto silk, merino wool, cotton and linens. These fabrics are then incorporated into works of art, home decor or wearable art, scarves, vests, etc.

Also in the summer, I spend sunny days felting with merino and other rare breed sheep fleeces into all sorts of products. Autumn and winter I like to hunker down with slow hand stitching or machine finishing my textile art pieces.

All these particular fields represent my passion for art and a love for my time in the studio.

fine art painting - Elephants

'Out of Africa' is a  new series I am working on. A staggering 60,000 elephants were killed for their ivory tusks in one year alone!

How can this be, I thought, in this day and age.

I feel it is important for artists to keep the conversation alive about the plight of elephants and rhinoceros. It was this idea that motivated me to embark on this mission.

The touch of red on the tusks and horns, serves to remind us, that as we speak, so the slaughter goes on.

 Materials Used: Set on painted cotton canvas, pure silk, which has been eco printed with leaves, linen, cotton, hessian, rusted and aged fabrics, vintage linens and fabrics.

Techniques Used: Painted, raw edged appliqué, hand stitching, (Elephant number 3 is all hand stitched) machine stitching, embellished with gold leaf.

Want to help:

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Save the Elephants