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Made from 100% Eco Merino Wool and other fabulous New Zealand fleeces and fibres

My passion is wool. I love to make felt with beautiful New Zealand Merino and English Leicester wool. Working with fleeces straight off the sheep's back, so to speak, encourages me to be experimental. I include rare breeds of sheep wool, also alpaca fibre and angora goat locks. I produce luxurious home décor products, throws, designer cushions, accessories and wall art. My other passion is to create fabric constructions for home interiors.

The backstory

The name Kawatiri, is the NZ Maori name for the Buller river and the region from where she was born. I'm sure you will agree with her that it is a beautiful name.

The backstory to Kawatiri Collection:
Each year I choose a word to try and live by. Over the years my words have been: focus, organise, resilience, empathy, etc, this years word is 'flourish': the dictionary gives two meanings:
1.....grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment. grow, thrive, prosper....
2....a bold or extravagant gesture or action, made especially to attract attention.

With this type of mindset, the 'Kawatiri Collection' came to life. I've tried to incorporate some 'Flourish' into each piece. I worked with extra 'flourish', I added different colours and textures to give the piece more 'flourish' and my hope is for the wearer to wear the piece with 'flourish'......

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Merino Vests, Coats & Scarves