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Merino Wool Cushions & Merino Wool Throws

Designer New Zealand Merino Wool Cushions

Cuddle up to a warm, soft, New Zealand 100% Merino wool cushion. These stylish eco cushions, are the ultimate in luxury.

  • Add a soft touch to a leather sofa.
  • All cushions are hand felted with NZ Merino wool and feature hand stitching.
  • The cushions are seamless and felted on both sides.
  • The opening in the back have vintage buttons as closure.
  • You will require an inner size: 20" x 20"
  • Prices are US Dollars
  • Free Worldwide shipping is included in the price.

Merino Throws

Snuggle under this luxurious throw.
Soft New Zealand 100% Merino and other natural fleeces.

  • Designed in panels then hand stitched together as part of the design feature.
  • Hand felted with NZ Merino wool.
  • The ultimate in home luxury.
  • This has a large number of gorgeous, natural fleeces collaged into the merino.
  • Ideal for on a leather sofa or on the end of your bed.
  • Merino, Gotland, Alpaca, Llama with Angora and English Leicester curly locks..........extremely soft and luxurious

Commissioned Pieces

For a point of difference, you may be able to incorporate a specially commissioned piece for your interior. This will add another dimension and will give individuality to your home

Art Fibre DesigNZ's sophisticated felt products add a layer of warmth and texture when used in conjunction with today's modern architecture. Wool and fibre, with natures eco colours, are the perfect companion to the rich materials, such as schist stone, steel and timber, while at the same time providing another dimension to home and office interiors. 
Imagine a fibre art installation suspended in the air from the ceiling of a public building, or felted wall art on a stone backdrop, a designer felt art behind the reception of a hotel or softening the walls and sound in conference rooms.

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Merino Wool cushions & Merino throws