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Out of Africa is a new series I am working on. Future pieces will include Lions, Giraffes, and other endangered animals.

Keeping the conversation alive about the plight of elephants was the motivation behind the making of 'My Beautiful Elephants'.

A staggering 60,000 elephants were killed for their ivory tusks in one year alone!

How can this be, I thought, in this day and age.

The touch of red on the tusks serves to remind us, that as we speak, so the slaughter goes on.

Work on 'My Beautiful Elephants'took around 4 months, from December 2016 to April 2017 to complete. I worked on it daily from 10am until mid afternoon. Each Elephant stands approx 4 feet tall and showcases a different technique.

Materials Used: Set on painted cotton canvas, silk, which has been eco printed with leaves, linen, cotton, hessian, rusted and aged fabrics, old doilies and many vintage fabrics.

Techniques Used: Painted, raw edged applique, hand stitching, (number 3 is all hand stitched) machine stitching, embellished with gold leaf.


Want to help:

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Save the Elephants

With this type of mindset, the 'Kawatiri Collection' came to life. I've tried to incorporate some 'Flourish' into each piece. I worked with extra 'flourish', I added different colours and textures to give the piece more 'flourish' and my hope is for the wearer to wear the piece with 'flourish'......

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